Supply Chain Team Booster

We’ve all been there! Frustrated that we don’t know ‘everything’ that we need to know to be more effective. Maybe even embarrassed to admit in meetings that stuff is going over our heads. Hey, it’s human nature. We all have egos.

There are probably people in your team too. Good people; smart people; committed people; who don’t want to admit they also get a bit lost sometimes. I see it everyday in our consulting business. That’s why I enjoy consulting so much, because it’s a bit like coaching. Don’t you wish there was a way to fill those knowledge gaps? Fast. And effectively. Well maybe there is…

I know of no faster way to boost the knowledge, confidence and effectiveness of your Supply Chain Team members.

Hi, this is Rob O’Byrne, and I created Supply Chain Leaders Academy because of the desperate need I saw day to day amongst many consulting client’s organisations. A desperate need for practical, useful, and time proven knowledge that would help them not only in their day to day work, but give them a big ‘leg up’ to new heights of performance.

We’ve all heard the term ‘knowledge is power’. So at Supply Chain Leaders Academy we get the powerful, to share their knowledge.

Our Leaders Academy ‘faculty’ includes some of my specialists at Logistics Bureau and me, but mostly ‘hand picked’ (by me) Industry Leaders.

And we have some great members at Supply Chain Leaders Academy. Smart, highly motivated and ambitious, which all adds to the learning and sharing environment. I really hope you or some of your staff will be able to join us.

Picture This!

You, or maybe some of your team members, gaining some of that knowledge that takes decades to gain. What would it mean to your team’s performance and to your business’ performance? If they knew some of the real ‘secrets’ such as:

  1. Easy ways to cut costs, without spending a cent.
  2. Boosting Customer Service so customers actually buy more.
  3. Aligning a Supply Chain Strategy to keep a ‘laser like focus’ on what really matters to business performance.
  4. Knowing how to negotiate freight contracts and make it a win-win.
  5. ‘Fixing’ warehouse processes to improve productivity.

These are the types of things that our consulting clients pay big dollars for us to ‘fix’. Because they don’t have the time, the resources, or the skills to do it themselves. And that’s fine. They recognise the value of having it all ‘done for them’ so they can start to reap the benefits.

What You Will Learn

Based on 40 years in Supply Chain management, the last 20 years in consulting and training, Rob O’Byrne is well aware of what the essentials of good Supply Chain Management are!

There are three core themes that we focus on at Supply Chain Leaders Academy.


Strategic Alignment, Financial Alignment, and Service Alignment

You’ll notice where these themes intersect in the diagram here, this will drive Shareholder value, Customer value, and Team value. And the 2% in the middle? Where businesses have these three cores elements aligned, they are well on their way to being in the top 2% of their industry, in terms of Supply Chain performance!

Our programs at Supply Chain Leaders Academy have this as our core focus.

How We Teach You

To build the ‘individuals’ capability required three things.


Confidence, Competence and Connection

Our program is designed with this in mind.

Confidence is built through personal development sessions, coaching and the ‘safe’ environment of the Academy.

Competence is build via a combination of theory, practical exercises and case studies, as well as observation during site visits.

Connection is really important too and we do this through interacting with senior executives, outside thought leaders and the members’ peers who come from a diverse background.

This model has allowed members to achieve amazing outcomes!

The Program


There are three ‘layers’ to our program

Members may join at any point through the year.

Core Topics & Exercises


2 Days 2 Days 2Days
Supply Chain Strategy Cost to Serve Network Design
Performance Measurement Customer Service & Inventory Management Warehouse Productivity
Transport Optimisation Procurement Outsourcing

External Case Studies


1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9






Personal Development Change Management Leadership



Optional Extras are Included


The formal ‘live’ program is then further supported with eClasses, books, and videos throughout the year.



Further support is provided via one on one coaching sessions with Rob O’Byrne, the program founder and leader.

Plus – The Program Supports those in Need

As part of our overall charity giving program at teh Logistics Bureau Group, a part of your membership fee is given to charity.

Whilst we support dozens of worthy causes here in Australia and overseas, we have selected seven for you to choose from.

Once your Academy application has been approved, you’ll be sent admin instructions along with a request to choose one of these worthy causes for us to support on your behalf.

1. Plant 10 Trees in the Daintree Rainforest (The oldest in rainforest in the world)

2. Provide 5 Bicycles for Kids in Rural Cambodia to Access a School

3. Enable 5 Dalit Girls in India to access literacy education for a year

4. Provide Fresh Water for 10,000 People in Ethiopia

5. Provide Healthcare for 5 Survivors of Trafficking in Vietnam

6. Fund a Young Person in an Australian Indigenous Community for IT and English Training for 2 Months

7. Educate an Orphaned Child in Thailand for a Year

But I’m sure you realise, that some of what we do could be done by you or your team.

If only they knew how. If only someone showed them. Someone who was not too paranoid to actually ‘share’ all their hard learnt secrets. Someone who was genuinely passionate about sharing.


OK, So Why is Rob Doing This?

You see over my 40 years in Supply Chain and Logistics, the first 20 was working for someone else. I had to do what I was told… The next 20, I was working for myself, having established Logistics Bureau. But I still had to focus on what ‘needed’ to be done. Mouths to feed at home. And an ever growing team to ‘feed’ at work.


But now? Now I have time to indulge myself in my true passion.

And that’s people. Helping people, particularly those in the earlier parts of their career.

Maybe you know my story? I won’t bore you with all of it here. But I was thrown out of Leaders Academy at 15, with not much hope of ‘making it’. I was picked up by a great mentor at the age of 21, gained accelerated promotion, completed a full time MSc in Logistics at Cranfield, started my own business in 1997 and now own 6 businesses that operate Internationally. And all because someone saw in me… what others couldn’t… and gave me a leg up.

That’s what motivates me every day now. It’s what gets me out of bed every day. Because I’m now finally in a position with the time and resources to do for others, what that great mentor did for me all those years ago.

And if you’re sitting there thinking what a load of BS, then please do us both a favour and Don’t read on. We are wasting each others time.


What makes Supply Chain Leaders Academy so Different?

I get asked that a lot. And you really need to be sitting at the back of the room to appreciate it fully. The sharing, the buzz, the dynamics, the pure sense of joy and excitement… as people just ‘get it’.

But let me try to explain the difference. At Supply Chain Leaders Academy we:

  1. Focus on what really matters in Supply Chain and Logistics management. What makes the biggest difference to business performance and to member’s careers.
  2. Don’t waste time on the ‘fluff’. We ensure that for the minimum investment of time and money, our members get the greatest outcomes and benefits.
  3. Make sure that we share the experience we’ve gained from working on 1,300+ client assignments across 23 countries.
  4. Provide a broad cross section of presenters and facilitators, all with a passion to share. And YES, if the best person for a given topic is a competitor, we get them to come along!
  5. Balance the technical with the practical and strive for maximum engagement and participation.
  6. Make sure that members network and learn from each other. We have our ways!
  7. Ensure that all learning styles and speeds are catered for with a huge range of materials in different formats.

There really is nothing else like it … you need to be there … to feel it. In fact some organisations have sent along one member to ‘try us out’ and then immediately registered more! Not only because of the value of the program, but the crazy low cost involved.

Members have told me personally, many times, that it’s too cheap! Sadly, as we are adding so much more to the program, the price will need to go up. But only slightly I hope.


So Who is it For?

Great Question! We have members who are already Supply Chain Managers of $500 million businesses, as well as members who are quite new to Supply Chain, having just changed roles. As a guide, I explain it like this.

It’s designed for people who are:

  1. Experienced in Supply Chain but want to boost their knowledge to the ‘next level’.
  2. Relatively new to Supply Chain (under 5 years), or
  3. Working in a very narrow Supply Chain role and wanting to expand their knowledge, or
  4. Working in a non Supply Chain role, but see the need to understand more about Supply Chain. For example they might interface a lot with Supply Chain in their organisation, or
  5. Quite simply service providers to Supply Chain ‘customers’ and need to understand more about the topic, so they can ‘walk the talk’ more confidently.

What do Members Learn?

We virtually take members through the A to Z of Supply Chain. We use the 3 physical Academies each year to focus on the most important topics. Those that can make the greatest difference for the least amount of effort basically. And then we supplement this with easy ‘step by step’ eClasses that the members really love. So rather than list topics by function, let me explain this in two ways. Conceptually and then with a sample program.

Conceptually, we teach members how to:

  1. Be more effective in their roles.
  2. Identify and introduce cost saving opportunities.
  3. Recognise and implement service improvement ideas.
  4. Deliver greater value to their organisation.

And What Does Supply Chain Leaders Academy Include?

It really is an amazing program that provides every type of knowledge boosting technique that we can pack in. Let me explain each component for you. Online Membership 52 Weekly eClasses. These are easy step by step eClasses delivered to our member’s inbox each week. They cover all the basics of Supply Chain and Logistics, as well as career tips, management tips. They are easy to follow and take about 45 minutes each. There is optional homework too, that encourages members to look for improvement opportunities within their own organisation. eClasses are written by me, some of my specialist consultants, and also from subject matter experts I’ve sourced from around the World. (China, SE Asia, USA, Europe…)

Examples of eClass topics are here:

  1. eClass 1 – What is Supply Chain?
  2. eClass 2 – It all start’s with Strategy
  3. eClass 3 – Case Study – Zara’s Supply Chain Strategy
  4. eClass 4 – Customer Service
  5. eClass 5 – Supplier Management
  6. eClass 6 – Network Design
  7. eClass 7 – Network Design – Case Study
  8. eClass 8 – Easily Mastering ‘Cost to Serve’
  9. eClass 9 – Case Study – Cost to Serve
  10. eClass 10 – Understanding Warehouse Management Systems
  11. eClass 11 – Selecting Warehouse Management System
  12. eClass 12 – Understanding Procurement
  13. eClass 13 – Understanding Purchasing
  14. eClass 14 – Understanding Warehouse Operations
  15. eClass 15 – Understanding Distribution Centre Process Improvements
  16. eClass 16 – Warehouse Productivity
  17. eClass 17 – Setting Up New Warehouses
  18. eClass 18 – Managing Staff – Part 1
  19. eClass 19 – Managing Staff – Part 2
  20. eClass 20 – Understanding HR (Hiring and Firing)
  21. eClass 21 – Understanding Inventory Management
  22. eClass 22 – Optimising Inventory
  23. eClass 23 – Jobs in Supply Chain
  24. eClass 24 – Writing a Business Case
  25. eClass 25 – Types of Supply Chain
  26. eClass 26 – Greening the Supply Chain Part 1
  27. eClass 27 – Greening the Supply Chain Part 2
  28. eClass 28 – Managing Transport Suppliers

Supply Chain Leaders Academy x 3 (fully catered).

This is where the ‘live’ training and mentoring takes place. Three physical Academies each year. So regardless of when a member joins, they attend the ‘next’ three Academies.

Sessions are lively, engaging, and delivered by myself, selected experts from within Logistics Bureau and industry speakers that I hand pick myself. All speakers are selected for the knowledge and experience they have, but just as importantly, on their passion to share that knowledge with our members.

During any 12 month period, Leaders Academy members will be exposed to 30+ specialists and Industry Leaders who together will be sharing 1,000 years or more of hard earned secrets.

Site Visits (optional) x 3.

These are held on the afternoon before each School, and cover a range of interesting Supply Chain related operations.

Members Only – Insider Webinars x 4.

Each year members are invited to four members’ only webinars. These are on specialist topics with lots of opportunity for Q&A.

5 eBook Pack + Bonuses on DVD.

All ‘Plus’ members receive my 5 book ‘pack’ on DVD (4 different file formats to suit all platforms, plus a range of additional bonuses that include pdf files (i.e. sample 3PL contracts and implementation plans) as well as videos.

3 x 20 Minute Coaching Calls with me.

I know from my own experience the value of having a mentor to turn to for advice. For that reason all Plus members get 3 x 20 minute ‘power calls’ with me that can be on any topic.

Extra guides, video, pdf, audio.

We provide a range of additional materials through the year, such as interviews with industry leaders. Again, only for Plus members.

Every Academy, on DVD, all sessions.

Members love this. Each ‘live’ Leaders Academy they attend is videoed, so they can add it to their ‘library’ of materials for future reference. So in addition to receiving comprehensive notes on all sessions, they have the video recordings too.

It’s a lot! A great program and all the materials that our enthusiastic and ambitious members want and need to improve their personal and organisational performance. Members have a virtual ‘library’ of resources that they can dip into far specific knowledge and tips.


Each member receives a certificate after each Academy, outlining the key themes and topics that have been covered.

Industry Recognition.

Supply Chain Leaders Academy has been formally recognised by the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA).

Supply Chain Leaders Academy is offered by both organisations as part of their training programs and also receives industry wide recognition under the CPL (Certified Professional Logistician) Program attracting CPL entry points and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Points.

Supply Chain Leaders Academy Certificate of Completion

Sample Program.

So as an example, here are the programs from our previous Academy events.

And How Much Does it Cost?

It’s a really comprehensive package of training and mentoring. A full 12 months program that can be started at any time. Here it is again.

Supply Chain Leaders Academy Membership Value
Online Membership 105 Weekly eClasses $804
Supply Chain Leaders Academy (3x2 Day Academies) Fully catered $6,000
5 eBook Pack + Bonuses on USB $235
3 x 20 min Coaching Calls with Rob O’Byrne $600
Extra Guides, Video, PDF, and Audio $1,800
All 3 Events, on USB, all sessions $1,640
Total value of 12 months package $11,079
This total 12 month package for only
or 12 easy monthly payments of
$5,997 +GST
or $499 +GST

If you want:

  1. More information about the program and how it can help you and your team.
  2. To reserve a place (no obligation)
  3. To be sent an application form

Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne

Call: +61 417 417 307

P.S. No Selling, No Marketing at Supply Chain Leaders Academy! One of our members remarked to me, “wow Rob, this is an awesome way to promote and sell your consulting services“.

I was actually quite shocked, and then thought about it, before I replied “John, that is the very last thing we are trying to do at Supply Chain Leaders Academy. In fact that awesome session we just had on procurement, was facilitated by a competitor if you recall! Why? Because he was the best person in Australia I could find on that topic“.