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NEXT ACADEMY DATES: 21st and 22nd November

What is SCLA?

What do our members have to say?

What do you get from joining?


Supply Chain Leaders Academy really is an amazing program that provides every type of knowledge boosting technique that we can pack in. Aside from the three ‘full on’ 2-day sessions per year held in Sydney, you will also get access to various resources like eClasses, eBooks, guides, videos, exclusive webinars, and coaching calls with founder Rob O’Byrne.

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Who is the Supply Chain Leaders Academy Programme suited for?

  • Ambitious and Smart
  • Keen to build on your existing Supply Chain Knowledge to boost your career
  • Possibly working on a non Supply Chain role like IT, Finance, HR, Engineering, Property, Procurement Management
  • Or maybe just new to Supply Chain but you recognise the need to gain Supply Chain knowledge
  • Or perhaps you are a Supply Chain Manager already and just want to broaden your knowledge
  • Or maybe…you want to fast track your career to the next level!

At Supply Chain Leaders Academy we cover the lot


We virtually take members through the A to Z of Supply Chain. Topics include supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, purchasing and procurement, benchmarking, cost to service, outsourcing, personal development and career goals. We use the 3 physical Academies each year to focus on the most important topics. And then we supplement this with easy ‘step by step’ eClasses that the members really love.

What you’ll gain from Supply Chain Leaders Academy are:

  • All the jargon and terminology demystified
  • The essential ‘need to know’ things about Supply Chain
  • All the practical tips that they don’t teach at University
  • An amazing sense of confidence about the topic of Supply Chain
  • Insights and tools that you can put to use straight away
  • The knowledge that normally takes years to gain, on a plate

Academy Founder

You may have heard my story about how I’ve helped hundreds of people from large multi-national corporations over the years make significant improvements to their businesses and their careers. Since 1997, I’ve worked with individuals and businesses in 23 countries on over 1,200 assignments, helping them make significant positive changes. But now I’m able to help a broader audience of individuals make dramatic improvements to their businesses and careers through this innovative education program.

Rob O’Byrne

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