The Supply Chain Leaders Academy, which for the past seven years has provided supply chain managers with a jam-packed programme designed to boost their practical knowledge of the industry, will come to an end in November. “It’s time to start something new,” says Academy founder Rob O’Byrne.

End of a Jam-Packed Era for Supply Chain Leaders Academy 

The November session of the popular Supply Chain Leaders Academy will be the final one.

Rob O’Byrne told members of the Academy that the decision to end the programme had not been easy, as he had grown to “love” the three two-day sessions a year, during which he would gather with supply chain enthusiasts to brainstorm latest trends in the industry.

He gave the following reasons for his decision to call a halt:

  • He wishes to take supply chain education to a much broader audience. To this end, he has started developing a YouTube channel, and his team is revamping online programmes.
  • He has no option, unfortunately, but to spend more time on his main business focus—Logistics Bureau, which is now landing many large projects, including offshore ventures.
  • It is time for a change.

“The academy has been going for seven years so it is probably time to try something different.”

He pledged that current members won’t be left in the lurch and that the Academy’s many resources, such as eClasses, eBooks, guides, videos, and exclusive webinars, would continue to be available to them for at least another year.

But now, it’s Time for Rob to ‘Do Some Cool Stuff’

“I must confess that I am 62. It’s time to get out and do some cool stuff.”

Time to go Walking

An avid walker, Rob says he has set his sights on doing a very long walk next year of between 1,000 and 1,200 kilometres, which will take him away from work for three months.

Time to Expand Education

Besides doing ultra-long walks in various countries whenever he can, Rob’s other passion is education.

“I have had this crazy idea that it would be great to take seminars to parts of the world that don’t normally get to enjoy environments like this (at the Academy). So I am talking to people in Nepal, in Kenya, in West Africa— all sorts of out of the way places.”

Time to Travel

Rob admits that he has an ulterior motive for his international education outreach—he loves to travel.

“I have never been to Nepal. There are a lot of people in the supply chain who are in Nepal, apparently”

Going out with a Bang

Rob promises that the final meeting of Supply Chain Leaders Academy on November 19-20 in Sydney will be a fitting finale to the programme that he designed seven years ago as a supplement to formal education.

“We will have one helluva Academy in November. We are going to go out with a bang. So if you have any mates you want to bring along, that’s great.”

Don’t miss out on this final extravaganza. It is your last chance to attend one of Rob’s specialised Academy programmes, so why not sign up today?

During the extensive two-day programme you will be addressed by Rob and other supply chain experts on a range of subjects, including supply chain risk management, the future of drone technology, fast-tracking your career, e-commerce trends in Australia, and fleet optimisation.

Like the man says, it’s going to be one helluva Academy.

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