I think it’s something to do with age…. As we get older, or as we have already climbed quite high up the Corporate ladder, we become more interested in developing the next crop of leaders coming along behind us.

So if you are already a highly successful Leader, you might just want to ‘do your bit’ for those coming along behind you. Maybe you already are. But here is something else that might interest you… Bear with me a moment.

I was telling our guests at an Executive Breakfast recently about how our working life seems to go in cycles. Mine seemed to be 20 year cycles.

0-20. Finding my feet and potential, and making a few falls along the way.
20-40. Establishing a solid career and building experience and education.
40-60. Building my own group of businesses and starting to ‘give back’ in a number of ways.
60+ A much greater focus on helping those in the earlier stages of their careers.

OK, and in case you are wondering, I’m 60 in May! Doesn’t time fly. But Hey, isn’t 60 the New 40 🙂

I actually started the 4th cycle a few years early, when we launched Supply Chain Leaders Academy in March 2013. Little did I know at the time, what tremendous fun and satisfaction it would turn in to!


Supply Chain Leaders


We go from strength to strength. And can you believe that some of those original members from March 2013 are still in the program! There’s a simple reason for that of course. You see Supply Chain Leaders Academy is a ‘perpetual’ advanced education program. So sessions are never repeated. Members join for 12 months, but many stay much longer due to the value they and their businesses gain from attendance.

Maybe you can see where this is heading?

Having been in the industry for so long, I’ve built up an amazing network of Senior Executives, many of whom are delighted to ‘give back’ by coming along to Supply Chain Leaders Academy and sharing their knowledge and experience. But there is always room for more… Maybe you work in a unique environment or have implemented leading edge change programs, or perhaps just have some ‘Golden Tips’ on managing people and your own career.

If you think you would like to share that knowledge and experience with a highly motivated and extremely ‘sharp’ group from a broad range of industries, why not get in touch. I can explain more about the program and some potential topics that might appeal to you.


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Note: Supply Chain Leaders Academy is a 12 month leadership program built around three live 2 day events each year. These are normally in March, July and November. Members also have access to a vast online library of materials.

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