Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Supply Chain Leaders Academy?

Quite simply, Supply Chain Leaders Academy is a ‘fast track’ learning programme where a range of industry experts share their experience, knowledge and tips. The ‘fast track’ element comes from our focus on knowledge that cannot be easily gained elsewhere or without many years of experience. The ‘Academy’ consists of three 2-Day events each year. This is supplemented by weekly eClasses that provide a virtual A-Z of Supply Chain knowledge that is easy to understand ‘bite size’ chunks.

When I join, how long is the membership for?

The fee is an annual membership fee, that covers three ‘Academies’ and 52 eClasses. Members can join at any time as the Academies do not need to be attended in a specific sequence. Most of the material will be covered in a 12 month period and will constantly be updated. So many members will stay for much longer than the initial 12 months. Our ‘Platinum’ members have already completed 12 months membership and have access to more advanced materials.

Do you have payment options?

Yes we do. Many of the Academy members are lucky to have their employer pay for the program, but others also pay for the program personally, as they recognise the enormous benefit and value provided. In either case, whether employer or personally funded, if cash flow or budgets are an issue, just let us know. We are happy to work out a payment plan to help you. Just contact our Education Support Manager, MJ. Email.

At what level is the Academy aimed? Am I too Junior or too Senior?

Supply Chain Leaders Academy will be of great value to those who are totally new to Supply Chain as well as those with experience. This is because we will not only cover some of the basics of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, but also many advanced topics and techniques that are normally only developed and learnt after years of experience. This is the true value of Supply Chain Leaders Academy.

When & where is the next Supply Chain Leaders Academy?

March 21st and 22nd 2017 at Holiday Inn, Parramatta 2150, Australia

And the Next Supply Chain Leader Academy dates? 2nd and 3rd

#2 is 25/26 July 2017 and #3 is 21/22 November 2017. There are three ‘Academies’ per year.

Why Sydney and why Parramatta? Why not another city?

Sydney is actually the ‘centre of gravity’ for all our members, it is easy to get to from Brisbane and Melbourne. So we are trying to minimise overall member travel time and cost. And the suburb of Parramatta is easy to get to, has lots of nice places to eat within 2-3 mins of the venue and has cheaper Hotels than Sydney CBD for those coming from Interstate.

Will Supply Chain Leaders Academy only run in Australia?

During 2013 it was only run in Australia, but we will run a second Academy in SE Asia if demand exists for 2016. Probably based in Thailand.

Why not move it around to different Cities?

Rob O’Byrne the CEO has actually participated in a number of events of this type and researched what suits members best. Sadly the event cannot be repeated in each capital city as a) this would make the cost much higher, maybe 3-4 times, and b) most importantly, it dilutes the power of the group dynamic. The sharing of ideas, the ‘connection’ with other members.

We also looked at moving the Supply Chain Leader Academy each time, like a road show, but this just means that a large proportion of members have to then spend a lot on travel. So whilst not ideal for everyone, basing it and keeping it in Sydney is the option for now.

What are the Academy Hours?

Each of the three Academy held each year is a two day event. Start and finish times are normally 9:00 am – 5:45 pm on Day 1 and 8:30 am to 5:15 pm on Day 2. We often arrange an optional.

What does the Event Programme look like?

Here is a typical Academy programme. This one was for our Academy in March 2013. We make sure that we have a good balance of expert speakers, as well as session times. Longer sessions to allow a ‘deep dive’ into a topic, that often involves practical exercises, and shorter sessions for quick bursts of important information. These shorter sessions are often used as an introduction to a topic, that might be included as an ‘in depth’ subject at the next Academy, or that is covered more comprehensively within the eClasses, that all Academy members also receive. Download Programme in PDF

It looks like a very comprehensive programme, with lots of great materials, but I'm worried I won't have the time to do all the work!

A great question and I should have made this more clear, sorry. This is not a programme where you have to do ‘loads’ of home work and study. There are no assessments! The most important parts are the three Supply Chain Leaders Academy each year. You don’t want to miss those.

But you can regard all the rest of the materials as really a ‘library of resources’ for you to pick and choose from. There is no homework as such. You can work through materials at your own pace, or choose to skip material till later, or not use it at all, if you think you don’t need it. You really need only spend an hour a week working through the materials. The whole programme is designed to give you the stuff that really matters to your organisation and your career, not bury you with things you don’t need.

How does the online service and the Academy differ?

Quite simply the online part of the programme provides information (eClasses) via email and webinar, so that members can work through the information that interests them most, at their own pace. There are 52 eClasses in all, one each week, that cover a vast range of Supply Chain and broader Management topics. Many of these eClasses have been written by subject matter experts we have sourced from the USA, Europe and across Asia.

The Supply Chain Leaders ‘Academy’ is a series of three ‘2 day’ events at the Novotel Parramatta in Sydney. Here, invited guest experts along with Logistics Bureau’s specialists share more advanced knowledge and lead members through case studies, practical exercises and discussions.

What if I have already missed the first or even second Academy this Year?

Members can join at any time of the year. Each Academy covers specific ‘stand alone’ topics. So when you join, at any time of the year, you are joining us for a 12 month period that will cover three Academy and 52 eClasses.

When I join, what happens next?

On receipt of your application, we process your payment, then send you; a tax receipt, joining instructions for the next Academy, login details for the online mentoring and if you joined the PLUS programme, additional materials such as a set of DVDs.

What if I want to send more than one person?

That would be great. We have a few organisations that send more than one person. One company sends SEVEN ! Just let us know and we can work out a discount plan for additional members that can reduce the overall cost quite significantly. Just contact our Education Support Manager, Rose. Email.

Is Supply Chain Leaders Academy an accredited Course?

No it’s not. For these reasons.

  1. Most of our members already have Supply Chain, Logistics or Business qualifications and don’t see the need for more ‘certificates’.
  2. Our members employers want to see results that will drive organisational improvement, not more certificates.
  3. We did look at the accreditation process. It would entail fitting our education programs within an existing Government ‘approved’ program for accreditation. None of the existing accredited courses came anywhere close to our program. Our Supply Chain School program is really ‘off the menu’ in terms of structure and content. It focuses on applied management techniques that work in the real World, taught by industry leaders, rather than mere theory.
  4. Our Supply Chain Leaders Academy program adapts over time based on our members requirements and requests, as well as the needs we see in the marketplace. We don’t stand still. Being a Government accredited program would stifle that flexibility.
What if I have more Questions?

Just send us a message using the ‘Contact Us‘ page and we’ll respond very quickly.