You Can’t Afford to Miss These Supply Chain Leaders Insights

Following the overwhelming success of Supply Chain Leaders Insights in 2016, we’ve decided to double down and stage our unique and popular event in two Australian cities this year.

SCLI returns to Sydney on October 19th, but only after supply chain professionals in Melbourne get to experience our round-table coaching/training day at the Crown Events and Conferences venue on October 17th.


Not Unmissable, but Not to be Missed

Of course it’s not uncommon for event hosts to claim that a conference is unmissable, or that if you don’t attend you must be crazy, and often it would make sense to take such claims with a pinch of salt.

But that’s not going to stop me from explaining why Supply Chain Leaders Insights really is different from other industry “conferences” and why we feel justified in saying you can’t afford to miss it—at least not if you’re anywhere within striking distance of Melbourne or Sydney in October.

I’m not going to say that SCLI is unmissable, because unless you make your reservation before all 400 tickets (that’s the total number of seats at both events combined) are sold, miss it you will. In case that doesn’t get you rushing to book your place though, here’s what you’re going to miss if you let Supply Chain Leaders Insights 2017 pass you by.


An Event Format You Haven’t Seen Before


Supply Chain Conferences Australia


Unless you are one of the 200 who came to SCLI last year, you’re unlikely ever to have attended a supply chain event quite like it. Supply Chain Leaders Insights is different in a number of ways.


Firstly, at just 200 seats, the event is small enough for every delegate to get time with the industry experts, all of whom are there to share their specialist knowledge.


Secondly, knowledge sharing is exactly what SCLI is all about. In fact, we don’t allow any sales activity to take place at Supply Chain Leaders Insights. Instead, the event is focused on the value of real expert insight, to help you tackle issues that matter to your business.


There are no keynote presentations to sit through at SCLI. Instead you’re free to attend any of the hour-long round-table sessions held by our experts.


These sessions are repeated throughout the day, and each has a specific theme or topic, which is approached in an interactive way, enabling you to get your questions answered and discuss your issues with other group members as well as the experts. We have a number of breaks throughout the day as well, which give you the opportunity to seek out experts for some one-to-one time.


6 Reasons to Attend Supply Chain Leaders Insights

The above summary of our SCLI format may have got you off the fence about joining us, but if not, consider the following six very good reasons to come along:

  1. You’ll be able to access the very latest in supply chain operations/technology thought-leadership.
  2. It’s a rare opportunity to speak with industry experts who won’t try to sell you something.
  3. There will be more than 20 industry experts in attendance, each one leading intimate and interactive coaching/training/knowledge sharing sessions.
  4. It’s a unique event and very different from the typical supply chain/logistics conference format.
  5. The ticket price is affordable (well below $100), even for the leanest of corporate (or even personal) budgets.
  6. Every Cent of ticket-sales revenue will be turned into charitable donations to worthy causes.

Yes, that’s right! In the true spirit of an event focused on helping people instead of generating profit, we distribute the revenue across a range of charities. Even better, the actual beneficiaries are chosen by our SCLI delegates.


Who Are These Experts Anyway?


Supply Chain Conferences Australia


It’s inevitable when planning an event like SCLI, with experts taking time out from their “day jobs,” that unforeseen circumstances can result in changes to the expert line-up. However, we try to maintain an up-to-date schedule of the experts and topics on the Supply Chain Leaders Insights Website.

I also shared some of the details in a recent blog post, but there are a few more sponsors that have since confirmed attendance, those being as follows:

  • Dave Cooper: Head of Cloud, Networking & Data Centre Services at Telstra. Dave will be talking about the future of cloud computing solutions.
  • Scott Symons and Kevin Mannion from Paperless Warehousing Pty will be sharing their expert knowledge about warehouse management systems and offering tips for WMS selection and implementation.
  • Melanie Fantin and Ketan Badhwar will join us from Geodis and will run sessions on the topic of omnichannel supply chain management.
  • Michel Scheuble: Director at Fracht Australia. Michel will be offering guidance and advice about risk in trade and transportation.
  • Tetyana Wotton, Associate Director at KPMG will share insights and information on contract management.
  • Stephanie Lopes and Iain Wilson from Occulus will be presenting a session on career growth and advancement.

As you can see even from this partial line-up of experts, there really is something for everyone at Supply Chain Leaders Insights.

Whether you are a supply chain professional yourself, are studying for a supply chain career, or are working on supply chain challenges in your company, you won’t want for relevant opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Better still, the knowledge to be shared is not readily found in books and training courses, because it comes straight from the experience of people immersed in supply chain product and service niches, as opposed to education professionals.


Did I Mention There’s Food To… and Prizes?

While there should be more than enough going on at SCLI to satisfy your appetite for knowledge, we didn’t forget that learning can be hungry and thirsty work, so the price of your ticket also gets you lunch at the venue, as well as morning coffee and afternoon tea.


Finally, if you need one more temptation to swing into action and book yourself a place at either our Melbourne or Sydney event, how about the fact that a prize draw will be running throughout the day?


Even if you don’t place in the draw though, we don’t think you’ll be too disappointed. If the testimonials of last year’s attendees (some of which can be found on our website home page) are anything to go by, the only way to lose at Supply Chain Leaders Insights is by being absent.


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