I have hinted previously on this site that I plan to do something different in 2020, something big. Something that will combine my two passions—education and travelling. I can now reveal details of my exciting new project: I will be taking my Supply Chain Secrets enterprise on a worldwide tour!

Hitting the Road With My Supply Chain Secrets Venture

Those of you who know me, or who have read my blogs, will be well aware that I become animated when I speak or write about travelling and education.

In September, I told members of the Supply Chain Leaders Academy that I had a “crazy idea” to take my popular Supply Chain Secrets seminars to parts of the world that rarely get to enjoy such educational events.

So now I am going to do it! I am taking the seminars on a global tour in 2020. How cool is that?

First Stop Will Probably be Nepal

I have never been to Nepal and have long wanted to visit that beautiful mountain kingdom. I believe that there are a lot of people in Nepal who are involved in the supply chain. So, a stopover in Kathmandu is already well into the planning stage.

But the World Really is my Oyster

I have been canvassing opinion about which countries or regions would benefit from my educational seminars and am busy drawing up a possible itinerary. Among others, the following countries have been mentioned:

  • India
  • Brazil
  • Cyprus
  • Kenya
  • Peru
  • Gabon

Many other worthy places have been suggested and I am looking at all options. But be sure, the final programme will pan out to be a very LARGE world tour.

The one-man ‘travelling seminar’ will soon be hitting the road.

I am determined to take low-cost, possibly even free, seminars to places where educational events of this sort are not usually held.

Ideally, I will run two separate one-day seminars at each of the locations that I decide on:

  1. A basic one dealing with the fundamentals of supply chain management
  2. An advanced one covering subjects such as outsourcing, supply chain benchmarking, strategy, and cost-to-serve.

For those not au fait with Supply Chain Secrets, here is a glimpse of the content we deliver.

The Supply Chain Secrets Services

Developed for supply chain professionals, and those keen to learn about the industry, the services provided by Supply Chain Secrets include a subscription-based guidance programme, a selection of books, and the popular seminars which I now want to take to a much broader audience.

Included in the course are some of the following topics as they pertain to the supply chain:

  • Ways to reduce costs and improve services
  • Strategy development
  • Logistics and supply chain outsourcing
  • Procurement, including purchasing
  • Meeting the needs of customers
  • Optimisation and management of inventory
  • Technology and systems
  • Benchmarking and development of KPIs.

My Motivation for This Bold, New, International Outreach?

I have said it over and over: My main passions are travelling and education. But there is another factor involved. I am now aged 62 and the window for embarking on such adventures is narrowing…

…So it is definitely time to get out and do some cool stuff!

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