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Training and mentoring is what gets me out of bed every day at the Logistics Bureau Group. Helping people and businesses. And Supply Chain Leaders Academy is my way of ensuring that many more people can come together, to gain new knowledge, share experiences and grow together. It suits those new to Supply Chain and the ‘old hands’ It’s a place where all members really do fast track their knowledge, their confidence and accelerate their value to their employers. A real Win-Win.

So Why did I establish Supply Chain Leaders Academy?

For two reasons.

One; there was a definite need for practical hands on, pragmatic education that can accelerate learning way beyond that offered by traditional training establishments. No one offers that. And two; helping to develop our Supply Chain leaders of the future is something that I long wanted to be a part of, but until now, never had the right vehicle, the time or resources to do.

I’ve actually modelled Supply Chain Leaders Academy on programs that I participated in myself.  In fact I’m always participating in an education / development program of some sort to gain new ideas and network with smart people.

The one that sparked the idea, was totally unrelated to Supply Chain. And I found the experience so energising and valuable that it was an obvious move to develop the same programme in our industry. And that one I attended for three years, was very expensive! $25,000 a year.

But I didn’t begrudge a cent of it, because of the enormous value I got from it. The energy I got from being with other highly motivated people and the knowledge that I gained,  accelerated my own performance, literally cutting years off the learning curve. You can’t put a value on that! Just think what it would cost to get this type of education and training through more traditional means. A Supply Chain Degree would cost $20,000 plus. Supply Chain conferences, which really only scratch the surface are easily $1,500 a day. And many of those are just glorified sales pitches. So realistically I could be charging at least $8,000 to 10,000 a year for Supply Chain Leaders Academy membership.

You’ll be glad to hear that a 12-month membership is nowhere near that figure!

We’ll be in touch very soon to talk about your interest in the program.

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