For any buyer in the supply chain environment, shopping around is no simple matter. Depending on your industry, there may be a limited supplier base servicing your market and not all suppliers will be equipped to meet the specific needs of your organisation. If you find one of your suppliers is not up to scratch, it may not be easy to just up and shop somewhere else.

For this reason alone, supplier appraisal should be an integral process in your company, ensuring that you choose the right suppliers in the first place.

However, supplier appraisal is not a one-time exercise.


Supplier Appraisal Process


Once you build a pool of approved suppliers that satisfy your criteria, the supplier appraisal process should continue on a cyclic basis, allowing you to review performance and assess if each of your approved suppliers is still the right fit two, three, four and five years down the line.


The Advantages of a Supplier Appraisal Process

There are many advantages to maintaining a robust supplier appraisal process. These advantages include:

  • Suppliers that are unlikely to perform as you wish, can be identified and avoided
  • Weaknesses in approved-supplier performance can be detected and addressed
  • The process supports and secures your organisation’s customer service performance
  • Buyer and supplier can work together to understand and leverage factors that influence the ongoing relationship

Learn More About Supplier Appraisal and Management

Effective supplier appraisal is just one facet (albeit a very important one) of supplier management.




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