The fastest ways to boost the knowledge, confidence and effectiveness of your supply chain team members.

Imagine what it would mean to your team’s performance and to your business’ performance if they knew some of the real ‘secrets’, such as:

  • Easy ways to cut costs, without spending a cent.
  • Boosting customer service so customers actually buy more.
  • Aligning a supply chain strategy to keep a ‘laser like focus’ on what really matters to business performance.
  • Knowing how to negotiate freight contracts and make it a win-win.
  • ‘Fixing’ warehouse processes to improve productivity.

These are the types of things that our consulting clients pay big dollars for us to ‘fix’. Because they don’t have the time, the resources, or the skills to do it themselves. And that’s fine. They recognise the value of having it all ‘done for them’ so they can start to reap the benefits.

What And How You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

Based on 40 years in Supply Chain management, the last 20 years in consulting and training, Rob O’Byrne is well aware of what the essentials of good Supply Chain Management are!

There are three core themes that we focus on at Supply Chain Leaders Academy.

Strategic Alignment, Financial Alignment, and Service Alignment

You’ll notice where these themes intersect in the diagram here, this will drive Shareholder value, Customer value, and Team value. And the 2% in the middle? Where businesses have these three cores elements aligned, they are well on their way to being in the top 2% of their industry, in terms of Supply Chain performance!

Our programs at Supply Chain Leaders Academy have this as our core focus.

What You Will Learn

How We Teach You

To build the ‘individuals’ capability required three things.

Confidence, Competence and Connection

Our program is designed with this in mind.

Confidence is built through personal development sessions, coaching and the ‘safe’ environment of the Academy.

Competence is build via a combination of theory, practical exercises and case studies, as well as observation during site visits.

Connection is really important too and we do this through interacting with senior executives, outside thought leaders and the members’ peers who come from a diverse background.

This model has allowed members to achieve amazing outcomes!

The Program

Before getting into the program details a quick reminder that members may join at any point throughout the year to start their 12 month supply chain knowledge boosting journey.

Academy Events

The formal program consists of three two day fully catered Supply Chain Leaders Academy events. This is where the ‘live’ training and mentoring takes place. The dates of all upcoming events are available on the Members Dashboard page on this website

Sessions are lively, engaging, and delivered by Rob O’Byrne – the program founder and leader – together with selected experts from within Logistics Bureau and industry speakers. All speakers are selected for the knowledge and experience they have, but just as importantly, on their passion to share that knowledge with our members.

Each ‘live’ Leaders Academy they attend is videoed, so members can add it to their ‘library’ of materials for future reference. So in addition to receiving comprehensive notes on all sessions, they have the video recordings too.

During any 12 month period, Leaders Academy members will be exposed to 30+ specialists and industry leaders who together will be sharing 1,000 years or more of hard earned secrets.

As an example, here are the programs from our previous Academy events.

eClasses and More

The ‘live’ program is then further supported with eClasses and Academy videos. The eClasses cover all the basics of supply chain and logistics, as well as career tips and management tips. They are easy to follow and take about forty five minutes each.

To our platinum members we also make available eBooks, guides, insider webinars and three twenty minute coaching calls with Rob O’Byrne.

It’s a lot! A great program and all the materials that our enthusiastic and ambitious members want and need to improve their personal and organisational performance. Members have a virtual ‘library’ of resources that they can dip into far specific knowledge and tips.


Each member receives a certificate after each Academy, outlining the key themes and topics that have been covered.

Industry Recognition

Supply Chain Leaders Academy has been formally recognised by the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA).

Supply Chain Leaders Academy is offered by both organisations as part of their training programs and also receives industry wide recognition under the CPL (Certified Professional Logistician) Program attracting CPL entry points and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Points.

And How Much Does it Cost?

It’s a really comprehensive package of training and mentoring. A full 12 months program that can be started at any time. Here it is again.

Supply Chain Leaders Academy Membership Value
3 x 2 Day Live Events $6,000
3 x Site Visits $300
3 x Networking Dinners $300
All Sessions Videos on USB $1,640
Complete ‘Back Catalogue’ of Academy Videos $5,000
105 x Online eClasses $800
3 x Coaching Calls $1,800
3 x Brainstorm Lunches $300
5 x eBook Pack $235
Extra Guides, Books etc during program $1,100
1 x Buddy ‘Day Pass’ $1,000
Total Value $18,475
This total 12 month package for only
or 12 easy monthly payments of
$5,997 +GST
or $499 +GST

Become the Supply Chain Leader you know you are.

Join our Academy and learn at your own leisure how to become a confident Supply Chain Leader in 12 months’ time.